The Britannia Universal Rotary Soap Stamping Press is a design combining modern technology with traditional practice. The mechanism is designed and constructed like a high precision Swiss watch with all the moving parts held between two massive steel plates. All the immense forces channelled into deforming the soap by pressure, are controlled and directed with the highest degree of precision and reliability.

FUNCTION: To stamp the pre-cut soap billets into the finished tablet shapes
  • Double stamping action
  • Multi-cavity soap dies to fit 590 mm mandrel
  • Stamping cycle time in the range of 15 to 75 strokes per minute
  • External handwheel adjustments for rapid die (product) change
  • Operator given maximum access to dies
  • Machine designed to minimise scrap recycle percentage
  • Brake stops the stamper with dies in open position to ease cleaning
  • 5.5 kW main drive motor
  • Electronic air/vacuum programmer is standard on control panel
  • Temperature control of die chilling to mandrel and ram
  • Internally fitted vacuum pump

A horizontal type stamping machine with a rotating mandrel on which are mounted two die blocks, and an oscillating ram on which on die block is mounted. The machine includes the die holders, single infeed and outfeed conveyors, and cam designed stamping movement. The machine included the facility for both air powered, and mechanical soap ejection. The mechanisms are all enclosed in a fabricated steel frame, complete with safety guards and an active lubrication system.

The soap billet is fed into the machine by mans of an infeed conveyor, it is then lifted into place by a soap lifting mechanism. It is stamped to shape by a double action stamping movement of the ram, then the soap is rotated in the mandrel to the unloading postion. The soap tablet is pulled through a de-flashing stripper plate by a rubber vacuum operated sucker, and placed on an offtake conveyor ready for feeding into a wrapping machine.
Excess flash drops by gravity, and is usually recycled via scrap return conveyors to the hopper of a duplex vacuum plodder. The soap dies incorporate large chilling galleries for the circulation of a low temperature refrigerant which prevents soap sticking in the cavities.

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