The BRITANNIA Company offer high precision Roll Mills to permit the soap manufacturer to adjust the structure of the crystalline soap particles so that the soap feels creamy and smooth to the human skin.
The Britannia range of Mills are constructed in 3 and 5 roll versions, in a variety of sizes.

They are massively constructed machines fitted with precision ground rollers capable of making the soap perfectly homogenous and completely incorporating colours, perfumes, additives and fillers into the soap mass.


The Britannia Roll Mill uses massively thick high carbon steel rolls mounted between machined steel side plates. The rolls are a computer produced design combining strength and thermal efficiency.
A particular feature of the Britannia rolls is their modular assembly. This allows for roller shell replacement after extended use. Other designs require complete roll replacement. The removable end plates permit Britannia to machine the inside of the roll shell guaranteeing even heat transfer during soap processing.

A substantial amount of experimental work has been carried out to ensure turbulence is created within the recirculating coolant inside the rolls. Trials have shown that this is essential in order to attain maximum thermal efficiency.
Accordingly special design features have been incorporated to control the quantity and flow rate of the coolant.

The rolls are supported in heavy duty spherical roller bearings which are lubricated by grease nipples located on the outside of the machine. The bearings are fitted in an eccentric housing, which when rotated by external handwheels, adjusts the roll gap. In this way, the soap ribbon exiting from the rolls, can be adjusted for thickness during running operation, to give optimum refining.

The rolls all rotate at slightly different speeds and this exerts a shearing action on the soap mass. The rollers are driven by a large electric motor through massive spur gears. An automatic oil distribution system ensures the gears are continually lubricated during operation. Sensors prevent the machine operating if the lubrication system fails.

The roll adjustment mechanisms are fitted with individual digital indicators and separate thermometers monitor the temperature of each roll. Hand valves are provided to permit the independent adjustment of temperature on each roll. A stainless steel catch tray is provided under the rolls to make cleaning easy. The roll mill is fitted with substantial steel guards which are easily removable for servicing.

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