TYPE: Standard

FUNCTION: To house the machinery controls and in a dust proof enclosure

FEATURES: Key lock on the inspection door to prevent unauthorised entry Houses fuses, contactors, timers, pushbuttons, signal lights, switches, etc.

Manufactured to I.E.C. standards unless customer requests other codes Illuminated mimic diagram Steel panels with steel doors.

OPTIONS: Alternative electrical supply voltages/frequencies.


The panel is fabricated from pressed steel panels with steel doors front and back.  The working surfaces are fitted with selectors, ammeters, push buttons and signal lights.  The interior holds fuses, contactors, timers, interlocks and wire distribution strips. 

The panel is presented with a readable mimic of the line which it controls. All machine controls are laid out in a logical progression which matches the line layout, and they are clearly labelled.


The Britannia Electric Control Panel provides a convenient centralised location for the main electrical services associated with the soap machinery. The panel ensures easy correct operation of the plant by providing the operator with a clear diagram of the equipment and a system of indicating lights show the status of all parts of the plant.

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