The Britannia Duplex Plodder represents the most significant improvement in soap processing machinery in recent times. It combines an integrally mounted gearbox, driven by a 22kW motor on each barrel. This in turn rotates a slow speed computer designed screw and the most massively strong construction available today.

The Britannia Plodder has one electric motor and gearbox driving the top screw which is actuated by automatic noodle level detection control which is located within the feed hopper.

The Britannia Plodder has also got a level detector located within the vacuum chamber which automatically starts and stops the bottom screw.

Both of these detectors can be overridden from the local machine control panel.

There is no clutch or vee belt drive, just solid dependable, electro-mechanical power and there is a bonus both levels are variable speed at no extra cost. It is impossible to overload the drive as it is completely protected by safety overloads on the electric panel.

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